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by Matrixhacker

Posted on July 31, 2017 at 10:21 AM

Korruption? Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Es begann mit einer Mail

Am 29.07.2017 erhielt ich eine Mail die via Mailgun vermutlich an weitere Aktivisten weltweit verteilt wurde. Der Absender existiert und auch die Quellen existieren. Der Weg wurde, verständlich, verschleiert und auch das OVH Netz ist dabei, was zusammen mit der Art des Versandes auf Phishing hindeuten könnte aber ich bin skeptisch.

Es sind Netze involviert, die zum Militärkomplex und der Pharmaindustrie gehören und Phishing kann ich ausschließen. Der Link zu DuPont ist bereits tot (Zum Schutz des Absenders gelöscht). Der Adressat spricht mich nicht persönlich an aber verwendet eine Mailadresse, die er nicht kennen kann. Ich kenne ihn auch nicht, sofern er den Namen ohnehin nicht nur angenommen hat.

Der Text jedoch ist sehr zutreffend und enthält eine aktuelle Entwicklung zur Clinton-Mafia, was ebenfalls nicht für Phishing spricht. Ich checke das Netz und habe sofort einen Treffer. Ich fand den mir ebenfalls unbekannten US-Aufklärer Gabor Zolna

Quelle: Gabor Zolna

Ich habe dieselbe Mail erhalten. Zwei der betreffenden Netze haben matrixhacker in den letzten Wochen immer wieder besucht. Es scheint möglich, dass es sich dabei um dieselbe Person handelt. Also ich bin dankbar für die Info aber schlüssig ist mir das ganze bislang nicht.

Die Info indes gebe ich gerne weiter, denn, wie schon auf Youtube letztes Jahr gezeigt, existieren da so einige wichtige Leichen im Keller der Clintons. Es ist Zeit sie dafür in den Knast zu schieben.

Quelle: FOX NEWS

Zusätzlich ist die Aussage von Wasserman Schultz dem Polizei Chef gegenüber sehr interessant.

Quelle: The Daily Caller

Vergleiche dazu auch die DNC Leaks und Podesta Leaks auf Wikileaks. Podesta heißt übersetzt, der Anführer oder hoher Beamter im italienischen Mittelalter. Ironie, daraus wird wohl nix mehr."

Hier die Mail:

It has been a while since we spoke and there's good reason...

I've been revamping the ship for a new sort of crusade.

One that assaults the mainstream lies you've been steady-fed for decades with a rededicated passion and fervor.

From now on, I'll only be bringing you the untold side of the major headlines.

Here's a great example, featuring Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the disgraced ex-chair of the DNC, and known Clinton confidant:

As we've all learned over the past year, whether we like it or not, this country is now officially NOT what it used to be.

Heck, if Jack Kennedy were alive today the Democrats would excommunicate him and the Republicans would find him to be way-too-conservative.

The reality is that our lives are guided from up above by a Soviet-style nomeklatura of pseudo-intellectuals and party-affiliated hacks who lack substantive knowledge on the very subjects they're tasked with controlling and influencing.

In this specific regard, Ms. Wasserman-Schultz may take the cake in terms of toeing the line between mere run-of-the-mill political backstabbing and full-on criminality.

The only real question, in fact, is will she go to jail for her already infamous crimes against common decency and the laws of our Once Great land?

Here's why the answer is complicated: The Clinton Family.

Over the past 40+ years Bill and Hillary Clinton have built a Cosa Nostra-style system of patronage within the Democratic National Committee which has (de facto) made them invincible and impossible to prosecute, no matter what crimes they may have committed.

They've bought and sold so many favors that just about anyone who may have dirt on them is already, in one way or another, dirty themselves, as a result.

How does a corrupt judge, politician, lawyer, bureaucrat, investor, business magnate, etc...come forward about any illegal doings?

Easy...they don't.

The wheel keeps on spinning...until one day, it stops.

Once it does, there's no turning back and all the rules that applied firmly until that moment, become loosely held clumps of jello moving forward.

Such is the case today, as the name Imran Awan holds the potential of becoming notorious for generations to come.

Mr. Awan, the House IT staffer who has been charged with bank fraud, was caught trying to flee the country and is a former employee of Ms. Wasserman Schultz.

Now, for the first time, the private laptop of the disgraced former DNC chair is indeed going to be handed over to US Capitol Police, who seek to use it in the aid of their investigation.

Ms. Wasserman Schultz, like many Clinton cronies, has long-been indirectly connected to The Clinton Foundation and it's many questionable financial dealings.

As last years Wikileaks releases proved, Ms. Wasserman Schultz has toed the line of legality on behalf of the Clintons on many occasions, most notably in last year's Democratic nomination rigging against Clinton's chief opponent, the far-leftist ideologue, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton's headline-grabbing email-server scandal.

Will Imran Awan's arrest lead to a domino effect? Most certainly.

Will that effect be enough to land the former Secretary of State and ex-FLOTUS in jail?

If you asked me that question a year ago, I would have laughed sarcastically and said "NO", but things are quite different than they were before President Trump achieved the greatest upset in modern political history.

I'm still doubtful that the Clintons will ever pay for their many alleged crimes, but their omnipotence in the shady back waters of Washington D.C. is certainly coming to an abrupt and transparent end.

My best guess is that we end up seeing Ms. Wasserman Schultz as the sacrificial lamb, though John Podesta is another potential candidate for a token stay at Club Fed.

Whatever the (criminal) case may be, I fully suspect that this story will NOT go away quietly and that it has one ultimately beneficial and unavoidable ending...

That being the renewed awakening of the American public's distrust of all big-government complexes and the systems of patronage which inevitably engulf them.

Things can't get better soon or fast, but the fact that we're seeing the swamp being (somewhat) drained, is wonderful news and the sort of uplifting and hopeful subject matter I hope to share with you more often as time goes by.

Speak to you soon,

Wer einmal lügt, dem glaubt man nicht, selbst wenn er dann die Wahrheit spricht.

Der Jurist bezeichnet das pathologische Verhalten der Clintons, strategisches Wahrheitsverständnis.

Zur Erinnerung: Der Fall Whitewater

Quelle: White House |

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